Keeping You on the
Right Side of the Market

Market Purist is the result of our own need for a better source of investment research.


We employ ideas rooted in solid analysis, not based on simple trend following.  Then, the research is applied with discipline.  Risk management is paramount, so you can cut your losses fast and let winners run.


That’s what we wanted.  And out in the stock newsletter and investment research market, we had difficulty finding that.  So we decided to create it ourselves.


Powered by Mathematics and Analysis

I am a mathematician by training with a lengthy background in the financial publishing industry.

As a mathematician, it is easier for me to focus on data and not get caught up in the stories that many investors fall in love with. To me, results and numbers are all that matter.

There are many investment and stock market newsletters out there. But all too often, these are not pure in their analysis.


•They focus too much on correlations that aren’t reliable in today’s market.
•These investors look to patterns that may or may not exist.
•Too often, they react instead of proactively positioning you early on as markets change.
•Decisions are sometimes made emotionally instead of rationally.

These issues all can result in giving back too much of your hard-earned gains.

Also, these stock newsletters may have undisclosed conflicts of interest. So when you subscribe, you are unwittingly being provided information slanted toward certain providers. Worse, these other revenue sources can distract the authors from the real mission of the newsletter, which should be results for subscribers.